In The Garden Of Cities Built From More

by Saroon

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released January 13, 2017

Recorded by Victor Nash at Destination:UNIVERSE!
Mastered by Gus Elg at Sky Onion
Album art by Atlas Zirconium at
All songs written and performed by Saroon
Ayal Alves- Guitar, Vox, Keys
A Walker Spring- Drums, Vox
Neal Wright- Bass, Vox
Carlos Segovia- Cuica on Plunge



all rights reserved


Saroon Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Nevermind The Loveless
It ain't enough to be confused,
you go ahead and build an island in your mind.
Another territory in the story of you and what you could have been.
You feel at home in the rain,
And the firecracker lights drive you insane,
While the rest of all human motivation,
In the garden of cities built from more,
You find yourself bored.

But look another way at the luminescent glow and you almost feel part of the light.
Nevermind the loveless,
it is just a way to push yourself down against your might.
How a bit of silence,
All the same old boring dreams live a life that listen.
Live a life that listens
Track Name: The Coast
You wake up in the forest plain,
The coast is calling you again,
and you don't really know what to do,
but it follows you and calls me back,
to the memories of the past.
Blue Ocean touches shore and you
are never really sure
that this life is a thing to adore.

You wake up in the coastal range,
the ghost is calling you to play,
and you don't really know what to do,
this life that you live is so cruel,
the memories just hold you back,
and time and time you forget to laugh.
Blue Ocean touches shore and you
are never really sure
why life is a beautiful metaphor of what life is a beautiful metaphor of
why life is a beautiful metaphor of what life is a beautiful metaphor for
you'll never know
but always go back to the sea.

You wake up on the beach again
on the most beautiful day,
and you don't really know what to do,
this feeling you get is so true,
the memories just go to bed,
toes touch the water and clear your head,
you yearn to go back to the Blue Ocean touching shore and you
are never really sure
that this life is a thing to adore.
Track Name: To Sea, To See
Gone on down the line behind year of thinking it could be like this
in a wistful sleep.
You find me in a state of wondering what is right and are you right for me
and we kiss to sleep.
Ain't no use to say we can't be together,
If there were we would land on another planet,
To take our chances so in the end,
All to blame for you and me is this,
blissful wish.

So we get to where we're going but we don't know how to stop,
The idols from the past lay crumbled, nestled in our laps,
And we jump to sea to see what things might look like from a house
beside the dock
where we can watch the ships go by,
and stare up to the sky while we make love love love,
all day long.
Track Name: Ice
Ice, cold cold ice.
We all will pretend to be shiverless,
When time casts its lock on you,
Memories frozen in space,
We know that in time there's an end to this place.

Maybe we'll always come back a little short,
But we don't seem to care,
Tied up inside we just,
Feel that glow,
From the center of the sun,
And we know one day it will come,
The cold cold ice...

And when there's no when, we'll know we're about to begin,
And wonder if there's anymore wars left to fight,
As we carefully place all the locks,
Back on the doors.
Track Name: Plunge
There's no authority here,
Just the mindlessness of truth,
In memories of years of eternity.
With nothing to lost, and nothing to gain,
But further understanding.
That knowing is useless in a well of eternity,
That endless disaster awaits.
So, in to the sea we plunge,
As though we fight and nothing matters but now,
The source of all your troubles crumbles away,
With every breath, and every dying day.

When I am strong I feel ridiculous,
When I'm left alone I float effortlessly,
I tire of machines and medicine,
I am the emptiness next to you,
Next to you.

We are the stars floating in the galaxy,
And islands of mediocrity,
O my river eyes,
Take me where water belongs.
Track Name: The River
Anger has now refined,
We've come to the end of time,
Everyone's fine,
and in a moment we'll all be gone

Your lips, your eyes, your smile,
Fade to Aurora Borealis,
Your heart turns to dust,
and it is meaningless to watch the dock.

If life were this kind,
Woven in space,
are the memories of the institution,
Right before the revolution,
Took us away.
We saw where the cages were,
and stopped time 'cause we knew it was useless,
and found god in the way that things fell.
It wasn't what we thought that would happen but,
It never is,
Come with me and float,
Down the river.
Stop time 'cause we know it is useless,
find god in the way that things fall,
it isn't what we think that should happen but,
it never is,
down the river.
down the river.